Purity Mutai

purity-mutaiBewo was welcomed in Waldai. Waldai women are very happy and they are proud of their organization. They acknowledge the good work of their Area M.P. and dedication of their Patron.

Since the initiation of SEEWO, Women have shown a lot of transition in their lifestyles. They have built their capacity through training offered by SEEWO.

The members have known how to save frequently and pay loans promptly.  With the new product of Education Booster, they have prepared themselves to pay the school fees for their children.

The new project of Passion fruit growing has heightened the popularity of SEEWO and members are eagerly waiting to harvest maize in order to plant passion.

The living standards of SEEWO members have changed for the better and they have proof  that UNITY IS STRENGTH.

Congratulations go to the initiator, our patron.