Fancy Siele

fancy-sieleSEEWO came into birth in June, 2010 and groups registered during the month of June upto December, 2010.

By now we have twenty groups with a total membership of three hundred and sixty six. SEEWO has helped a lot of women who never knew about business  and almost all of them now are in different businesses and are able to save and borrow in Table banking.

They are also into farming of vegetables, maize, bananas and sugarcane. In the lower part of Kaplelartet, they depend on charcoal burning, selling of firewood, and stones for building.

About five groups have been issued with long term loan and five other groups have applied.Bewo has also trained the members on passion planting and the are waiting to harvest maize so that they can grow passion.

We wish SEEWO long life.