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Meet women who are bonding together to change the face of poverty.
Women are the solutions to poverty they have the potential to bring about Economic and Social Change that transforms lives .Empower a woman, empower households’ , One woman ,one family ,one community ,one Nation. Women Empowerment is one key constituent element of poverty reduction and a primary development assistant tool.
SEEWO initiative on table banking is dedicated to promoting the economic and social empowerment of women through the formation of self-managed and self-sustaining groups. This has improved socio-economic status of the rural poor.

SEEWO provides trainings to groups’ participants on savings, lending, entrepreneurship, governance; book and record keeping .Regular group meetings provide a plat form for social support and individual leadership development, enabling women to become powerful agents of economic and societal transformation within their communities.
Habits of savings, economic independence, self-confidence, social cohesion, asset ownership, freedom from debts and additional employment have been achieved.
Women Empowerment is a means to an end!


The Social Economic Empowerment Women Organization (SEEWO) was  launched April 2010 and registered with NGO  board In June 2010 (YEAR) by the women of the local community to aid in their economic empowerment for themselves and their families. It was initially known as Belgut Empowerment Women Organization (BEWO) until 2014, in collaboration with Kericho West table banking services  which  was registered with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development in  may 2010 as  community based  organization.It has enabled  the already  formed self help groups in doing  income generating activities that can be of benefit to and make them earn a living. These  women  have been able to  bank on themselves and borrow short loan and long term loans. Essentially, women groups are supposed to register with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development as self-help groups or community-based organizations to qualify for training. They are trained in the management of their funds (and those loaned to them from external sources) in a table setting, hence the name -“Table Banking.”

Some of the key features of this group are:

The women are trained in the management of their funds as well as those loaned to them from external sources in a table setting, hence the name “Table Banking.”

Unlike most micro credit institutions or commercial banks, this particular program distinctively underlines a ‘win-win’ character in its service delivery—that is, the program benefits all parties involved

Group members have access to funds without having to unnecessarily worry about the often strict loaning requirements imposed by most commercial banks, especially the requirement that they put up collateral for loans.

Members contribute money as savings and borrow immediately based on the amount of shares saved.

Savings and borrowing is done openly on the table the revolving money is not saved in a commercial bank but goes with members who are expected to repay with a 10% interest within a month.

The 10% interest is shared as follows: 7% goes to the group as dividends, 2% becomes the borrower’s additional shares and 1% is set aside for training and record keeping.

Due to the duration of repayment, the loan is called “short term loan”. It accounts for twice the number of shares of the member seeking loan while “long term loan,” payable in more than one month, is thrice the number of shares.

The fund will allow women to borrow money to engage in businesses and other activities at very reasonable interest rates without the requirements of cumbersome sureties and other bureaucratic quagmires. We are urging the Groups to put a lot of effort in utilizing the funds purely on the intended income generating activities which can make them earn a living,” said the Chairman, while adding that poverty infringes human rights.