Agribusiness program

Agribusiness Program entails training of women on Income Generating Activities (IGA), provision of farming facilities such as green houses, tools and seeds, inspecting farms and organizing agricultural extension services to sensitize them on all aspects of money making business. They are sensitized on maximizing their available small idle farms by growing traditional vegetables and fruits. They are also trained on Poultry Farming especially on the new Rainbow rooster chicken which has low costs of production and higher yields. Opening gate ways for these women to enjoy financial freedom in all aspects of life is a great achievement for us.

Active Agribusiness progress
Project Variety of seed/breed Scope
Tomato production Tilyka F1 70%
Greenhouse sweet potato vines multiplication and farming Orange flesh 75%
Tissue culture bananas Chinese Cavendish 65%
Avocado Farming Hass – grafted 50%
Dairy Farming Dairy cows 80%
Local vegetables Saget, Mangu and Baby spinach 70%
Poultry Keeping Rainbow rooster Improved Kienyeji 80%