SEEWO is a non-profit making organization which was established in the year 2010 to empower the rural women economically and socially through Table Banking. SEEWO works towards empowering women and alleviating poverty by group networking, training members on small business startups and financial management.
Our primary goal is to enable women participate in meaningful and productive economic activities by increasing their access to financial service; savings, credit and investment through the group savings and credit model. These eventually increase women contribution to family finances and thus enable them to be part of decision making in their homes and communities.

We can do it!!! As women we believe it is possible to achieve success when we join hands with goodwill and togetherness for a common goal. Since the inception of SEEWO in the year 2010, we have been able to achieve growth and success mostly because we have a shared goal and vision.


I would like all our daughters, mothers, and grannies rise up to the challenge and let’s all be part of the change and development that we want!!