What we Do

We can do it!!! AsĀ  women we believe it is possible to achieve success when we join hands with goodwill and togetherness for a common goal.Since the inception of SEEWO in the year 2010, we have been able to achieve growth and success mostly because we have a shared goal and vision.

We would like other women to join in and let us grow the network, share the vision, participate and help build a better county and country. As the backbones of our families and the society as a whole we have a vital role to play in ensuring the dreams of the future generations have a firm foundation and it begins with us.

We have been very lucky to have a leadership that is reform-oriented and that is willing to help the marginalized communities especially women to come out of the fold and be a pillar of economic development and empowerment. Many at times us as women have been known to only talk ill of others and gossip and never in the past have we been in the fore when it comes to development but times are indeed changing and as women we would like to be part of the history, part of those who inspired the development of our constituency , county and country as a whole.

I would like all our daughters, mothers, and grannies rise up to the challenge and let’s all be part of the change and development that we want!!