Loans Offers

Business Loans

Business loans in Kenya are designed to help small and microbusiness owners increase their working capital. It is a loan product for established business owners who need a dependable loan facility to expand their operations.
We offer a smart, scalable, and customized finance solution to help your business grow, allowing you to concentrate on the more practical aspects of your business growth. Regardless of the size or existence of your business, we want to tailor our financial solutions to suit your needs.

Products Loans

Loan Product means one of the various types of consumer mortgage and home equity loan products offered to customers by Lender from time to time.Procuct loans are as follows;Biogas,Biolite,Tanks

Education Loans

An education loan is a sum of money borrowed to finance post-secondary education or higher education-related expenses

Opting for an education loan reduces the strain on your family savings and eliminates the need to liquidate your investments in fixed deposits, mutual funds or bonds.