Sanitation & Safe drinking Water

SEEWO promotes access to clean and safe drinking water in the communities as part of empowerment program. SEEWO in Partnership with Unilever Kenya Limited provides world’s largest selling Water Purifiers. As part of Social Empowerment, Hygiene and value for life is on the fore-front SEEWO’s Objectives. To improve Women’s health and that of their families; reduce mother and child mortality rates due to typhoid and water-borne diseases and other related health issues.. Despite being a new product, Pureit has gained popularity and as at now SEEWO has provided 3,000 households with Pureits and counting.

Unilever’s Pureit devices work with a breakthrough Programmed Germkill Technology using a unique Multi-stage Purification Process that delivers ‘as safe as boiled water’, giving your complete protection from germs. Apart from Pureits, SEEWO also provides water tanks for rainwater collection to ensure water reliability and availability of water for household and even small scale water irrigation purposes e.g. greenhouses.