Goat Auction Program

Goat Auction is a yearly economic event organized and hosted by SEEWO at Kaplelartet Ward, Baingoror Grounds Sigowet Constituency, and Kericho County. This is an auction event where goats (Mbuzi) from all farmers (mostly SEEWO Women) are auctioned to buyers. Apart from Table Banking and Education Booster Program, Goat Auction Program was established as further a means of Economic Empowerment. Goat rearing in Kaplelartet Ward and the neignbouring regions is favourable due to its climatic and topographical characteristics. A total of 5000 goats have been sold in the last two years. This increased household income, reduce malnutrition in children and improve living conditions. Women have been empowered as wage-earners and job-creators in modern activities such as goat rearing, poultry keeping and dairy farming.